Workers Comp Lawyer Reacts To Injuries In The Office!

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Workers Comp Lawyer Reacts To The Office!

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a fan of The Office, and today we're going to take a look at some scenes from the office that involve injuries that could possibly result in worker's compensation claims. Michael Scott and his team have zero regard for safety protocols, so there are a lot to choose from. But be forewarned: some of the clips you're about to see might be gross and or shocking for some viewers.

Michael Runs Over Meredith

So what happens if your boss runs you over with their car in the company parking lot? Here in New York State, Workers' Compensation would actually cover this because under the law, you're entitled to what's known as safe ingress and egress.

That means if you get injured on the company premises while heading to or from work, you can receive compensation for any resulting medical bills, lost wages or permanent disability.

We know Michael Scott is oblivious and likely didn't do this on purpose, but if he did, this would be one of the few circumstances where you could actually sue your boss in addition to claiming benefits Why? Because an injury that is intentionally inflicted falls outside the scope of the Workers' Compensation law.

Stanley Has A Heart Attack

Poor Staley! Michael was about to make that situation a lot worse, too!

In this particular instance, it's obvious that the acute stress of that situation caused Stanley to have a heart attack, and worker's compensation could certainly apply. If Stanley's doctor believes within a reasonable degree of medical certainty that the stress at work caused his heart attack, he could pursue a claim for benefits.

But what if he had a heart attack on a normal day when Dwight wasn't intentionally setting the building on fire? Would it still be covered under Workers' Comp? Not necessarily!

In order to get Workers' Compensation for a heart attack under normal circumstances, Stanley would need to show a direct link between the day to day stress of his working conditions and the heart attack.

It is a tough case, but it would require very good medical evidence and an even better lawyer.

Meredith Gets Bitten By A Bat

If memory serves me, Meredith had to get a rabies shot after that.

Getting attacked by animals on the job is more common than you’d think. Some of the professions with the greatest chance of that happening are veterinarians, delivery people, and home health aids. We also see it with trash collectors and recycling personnel—People who have to regularly be around animals or physically go to other people's houses.

Dog bite cases are the most common, and depending on the facts of the incident, you might also be entitled to sue the person who's responsible for the mutt that bit you.

Whatever animal you get attacked by, if it happened while you were working then Workers' Comp will likely cover your medical treatment, a rabies shot, and any lost time. You can also get benefits for any permanent disability.

Dwight Gets A Concussion

Dwight wasn’t ordered to leave work and get Michael, but he volunteered when Michael asked so technically this injury happened while performing work duties, which means he’s covered.

The first thing you should do after suffering a traumatic injury on the job is immediately go to the closest hospital.

Your hospital bills will be covered, so don’t worry about which hospital you go to, just get to one and get taken care of.

However, you only have 30 days after the incident to formally notify your employer of the accident, preferably in writing, otherwise you run the risk of having your workers comp claim denied!

Injuries At The Company Picnic

Now, here's one of my favorites! And this is a scene I actually use as an example to some clients when we discuss injuries suffered during work-sponsored events. Here, Michael took the gang on a field trip to develop some camaraderie. If someone got injured during the sumo competition or the fire walking, they could file for benefits.

We often see injuries at work events like volleyball games, office picnics and other work-sponsored events. I'm not so sure we can get benefits for Andy becoming marooned on a desert island... that's Gilligan's jurisdiction.

Like I said, there are a lot more Office injuries where these came from, so let me know if you enjoyed this. And if you're in the New York area and you've been injured on the job, give me a call for a free consultation to discuss your claim. You can reach me at 212-406-8989.

And if this is your first time on my channel, be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications for the most up to date videos in filing for Workers' Compensation benefits. We are your one stop shop for everything you need to know when it comes to successfully filing for and maximizing your claim. So click here to watch this video next, and I'll see you there.

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