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Dealing With A Workers’ Compensation Claim Denial

The legal complexities you face when going through the workers’ compensation claims process adds emotional stress to the pain of physical injuries. That anxiety only grows when your workers’ compensation claim is denied.

At The Law Offices of Rex E. Zachofsky, we want you to know that a denial does not have to be the final decision. In fact, workers’ compensation claims are frequently denied. Common reasons for refusals include accidents not happening when a worker was employed or a lack of notification.

Increase Your Chances Of A Successful Workers’ Compensation Appeal

Handling a claim or appeal requires legal counsel. Directly talking to your employer or their insurer about your case can only undermine your claim. Attorney Rex E. Zachofsky can speak to them on your behalf. He combines extensive experience in and comprehensive knowledge of workers’ compensation law.

Unlike personal injury claims, mediation or settlement are not options. The only option is an appeal. On your behalf, we attend to every detail in documenting specific tasks and times. We take that invaluable information and evidence and argue your case before a panel of commissioners. From there, your case goes to a full board, and the appellate division that makes the final decision.

Insurance adjusters, doctors and bosses will likely dismiss your pain as something minor and nonwork-related. Our job is to prove that you are entitled to workers’ compensation. Rex E. Zachofsky possesses a track record of success in successful appeals to ensure that his fellow New York City residents receive the benefits they deserve.

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