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Holding Employers Accountable To Labor Law

The Law Offices of Rex E. Zachofsky represent the working class, and we know the challenges you’re facing. Labor and employment issues can quickly grow from minor complaints into serious problems that disrupt your work schedule, reduce your income, and threaten your safety. You can even end up losing your job due to violations of State or Federal law.

When an employment dispute arises, don’t just give in — contact a lawyer and stand up for your rights.

Fight Back Against Wages And Hours Violations

One of the most frequent disputes between employers and employees is wage and hour claims. These include disagreements over scheduled shifts, total hours worked, agreed upon wages and the manner in which you are paid. These can definitely affect your overall income.

We can also help you collect unpaid overtime wages, and call out FLSA violations (Fair Labor Standards Act violations) committed by your employer.

Our clients work in a wide range of industries and occupations, including:

  • Restaurant workers
  • Hotel workers
  • Hospital workers
  • Home health aides
  • Construction workers
  • Undocumented immigrants as well as legal residents and U.S. citizens
  • Workers paid exclusively in cash

If unsafe conditions or illegal procedures at your workplace have contributed to an injury, please visit our workers’ compensation page, as well as our frequently asked questions page. Or better yet, call us at 212-257-3305 and schedule a consultation.

Hold Employers Accountable To Labor And Employment Laws

Many employers break the law — some do so in ignorance, while others violate their workers’ rights on purpose. Either way, we can help you address any job-related legal situation so that your workplace is a safe and fair place to make a living.

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